The Market Alert

| Welcome to The Market Alert

The Market Alert operates with one objective in mind, to raise investors and traders beyond the bar. We understand that the hedgefunds and institutional players have the edge in this market, and the only way to “beat the street” is to swim with the whales. How do we do this? We identify where the big money is within the assets that we’re trading and move accordingly. Trading is not complicated, but if you are trading without an edge in today’s market, then you have no tactical advantage and are doomed from the start.

I am Justin Burkhardt, as an active trader and investor, my goal is to educate new and experienced traders alike to take advantage of the inherent volatility that exists in today’s market. Approaching each trade with insight into the driving forces behind the market, I keep profit targets conservative. Long-term viability and volatility do not go hand-in-hand in this market. I strive to maximize reward while minimizing risk.

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