How I spotted GLBS before its big move

With thousands of stocks to trade, how do you narrow down the search to find what’s most relevant for the trading day? This is where the right set of trading tools can make all of the difference. Our proprietary trade scanner analyzes 1000’s of stocks everday uncovering those that are getting pumped with volume and setting up for a possible breakout.

Our trading tool’s ID’ed many great setups for us in our live trade room today including PZRX which ran from 1.44 to 3.30, that’s a 129% move in less than 24 hours. I alerted members to this setup this morning in chat saying that I believed we could see a breakout over 1.66. I was only looking for a modest move into the 2.00 territory, but when bulls got a hold of this thing it took off like crazy!

I even gave my twitter followers a heads-up on this one – Social Proof:

Image of Social Proof

But hands down, the hottest stock for us today was GLBS. That thing popped up on the scanner this morning and had my eye as soon as price broke over initial resistance at 4.22. The buy alert went out in chat at 4.38 and the rest was history. GLBS posted a high of 8.18 in today’s session, making for some very happy members

GLBS Chart

The right tools can make all of the difference, check out how we can better equip you to tackle these markets here



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