The Best Trading Tool For Finding Momentum Breakouts


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“Sometimes all you need is the right set of tools to start trading well.” – Justin Burkhardt

We are a group traders and investors with a tactical advantage to the average trader; operating with one objective in mind, raising traders beyond the bar. We understand that the hedge funds and institutional players have the edge in this market, and the only way to “beat the street” is to swim with the whales.

How do we do this? We identify where the big money using proprietary trading tools and systems. Trading doesn’t have to be complicated, but if you are trading without an edge in today’s market, then you are swimming with sharks and we all know how that ends.

We have a live trade room at Get Stock Ideas with a growing community of active traders. Our broad focus gives us flexibility and opportunity regardless of market conditions. We trade options, ETF’s and small cap breakouts with an occasional futures trade.


✅ Easily identify stocks with breakout potential using our proprietary trading tools

✅ Learn out to make sense of the markets with the our nightly watchlist’s and morning prep

✅ Trade with experienced traders in our LIVE TRADE ROOM

Sign Up for a 30 Day Trial

The right trading tools can make all of the difference… Our proprietary trade scanner analyzes 1000’s of stocks to help traders quickly identify assets that are setting up with breakout potential. This tool helps traders put the odds in their favor



Sign Up for a 30 Day Trial


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